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  • Bilingual real estate sale and purchase contract without loan with full administration
    (netto 157.480 Ft) brutto 200.000 Ft
  • Bilingual real estate sale and purchase contract with loan / state support (CSOK) with full administration
    (netto 196.850 Ft) brutto 250.000 Ft
  • Bilingual real estate gifting with full administration
    (netto 118.110 Ft) brutto 150.000 Ft
  • Duty optimization
    (netto 47.244 Ft) brutto 60.000 Ft
  • Authorization
    (netto 39.370 Ft) brutto 50.000 Ft
  • Rental contract in English language
    (netto 78.740 Ft) brutto 100.000 Ft

Prices refer to the legal transaction of one property. When several properties are involved between the same parties, each additional property is subject to a 20% fee surcharge.

  • Company foundation
    (netto 102.362 Ft) brutto 130.000 Ft
  • Company amendment (fees to be paid to the Hungarian state 18.000 Ft) 100.000 Ft + VAT
    (netto 102.362 Ft) brutto 130.000 Ft

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